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Welcome to the Media Partners website.

Since 1993 we have provided professional project management, consultancy and training, specialising in the field of Effective Public Corporate Communication. Our expertise includes planning, organising and managing conferences, promotion projects and presentation events in Poland and Western Europe, as well as in both North and South America. We also work for leading Polish and international companies as well as business and sports personalities. For details please see the English or Polish versions of our offer, on this site.

Lets’ work and win together!

– John J. Cieliszak /JJC/

About Us

Media Partners Academy – (MPA) is a professional consultancy and training company specializing in the field of Effective Public Corporate Communication including conference and presentations events in Poland, Western Europe and North America, as well as knowledge transfer and international business cooperation projects between companies in Poland, Western Europe and North America, proudly continuing tradition of Partners International Venture Inc., active between 1992 and 2000 in Canada, Poland, the US, Great Britain, Slovakia and Belgium.

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  • To develop/increase the public presentation skills and media knowledge regarding public communication with emphasis on press meetings, radio & TV interviews and during public crisis situations.
  • To facilitate knowledge transfer projects between progressive companies in Poland, the US, Canada and Western Europe.

MPA Training Methodology

  • Interactive workshops requiring full participation of all involved.
  • Training delivered in Polish or English, based on real projects similar to those in leading Polish and foreign broadcast media and business organizations, with the usage of modern PR and
  • Business Communication techniques.
  • All exercises are videotaped and analyzed.
  • All exercises require teamwork. The average group should not exceed 12 people.

MPA training is based on over 20 years of professional experience gathered during extensive practice in Polish and North American media, telecommunication and business organizations and press departments of various institutions in Poland, Canada, the US, Belgium, Switzerland and Great Britain.

MPA Delivery

MPA provides learning resources specializing in turn-key projects focused on market research, management training, coordination and implementation.

Our Experts

The project coordinator

John (Janusz) Cieliszak, Polish-Canadian, personal presentation consultant and broadcast media adviser, former executive director of Partners International Ventures Inc. in Vancouver BC (a knowledge transfer company), PR Director for Ernst&Young Poland, PR director for Television Poland SA, former managing director – TVP Media Academy and Board Member of the International Training of European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in Geneva.

International MPA projects are also coordinated and consulted by:

  • Wayne McIntyre, internationally acclaimed telecommunication and marketing expert with over 30 years experience in the high technology and communications industries, former President of Vancouver Better Business Bureau and since 1995 member of PIV Inc. executive team; presently, a President and General Manager of North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.
  • John Ewens, expert in Arbitration, Ethics, Mediation, Performance measurement and Succession planning, former lecturer at University of Calgary and at the Banff School of Advanced Management, former President of a Rotary Club in Vancouver, and one of the founding members of Partners International Ventures Inc. specializing in front-end analysis and logistics of knowledge transfer projects.

Janusz Cieliszak wayne ewens

The project instructors

The Company project development and management team consists of educators, marketers and media producers, who research, interpret and apply leading edge concepts and expertise to the transfer of knowledge and delivery of training available from recognized international organizations.

Projects instructors include among others:

  • John (Janusz) Cieliszak, Personal Presentation Consultant, Broadcast Media Adviser, Former PR Director Ernst&Young Poland, TVP SA, Managing Dir. TVP Media Academy, Graduate of Warsaw and Poznan Universities (Law) and Ryerson University (Broadcast Media);
  • Yarek (Jarosław) Gugała, Media Producer, Reporter and Anchorman of TV News programmes, former Ambassador of Poland in Urugway
  • Victor (Wiktor) Niedzicki, TV and Radio Journalist and Producer, PR University Lecturer;
  • Tad (Tadeusz) Szynkiewicz: Videographer, Media Editing Engineer

and others, according to the specific needs of each project.

Present and former Clients

Over 200 knowledge transfer projects delivered between 1994 and 2016 (in cooperation with BCTEL, AT&T Canada, CTV and CBC and others) to the Board Members and upper management of the following companies:

  • ABB
  • AK-POL
  • Arthur Andersen
  • Commercial Union
  • Dalkia Poznań S.A.
  • Deloitte
  • Diagnostyka
  • Dobre Jachty
  • Ernst&Young
  • Galant 1
  • InFoScore
  • Intermarche/Bricomarche
  • Leading Business Women Foundation
  • Max Bonard
  • MDDP
  • MediaTrend
  • Microsoft Inc. (Poland)
  • Mmd Corporate, PA & PR Consultants
  • My Company Polska
  • Natasza Caban – TANASZA POLSKA
  • PanKreator
  • Passat Stal
  • Paszke Service – Roman Paszke
  • Poczta Polska (Polish Post)
  • Polish Railways PKP
  • Polish Supreme Chamber of Control
  • Polskie Radio – Program One
  • Polskie Radio III – Program Three
  • Presspublica
  • Promotions, Capital City of Warsaw
  • Promotions, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Selma Expeditions
  • Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.

And staff members of progressive business institutions and media organizations and students of selected educational institutions:

  • TVP SA TAI and Regional Centers in Poznan, Szczecin, Kraków
  • TV Wisła (presently TVN South)
  • TV NASZA (presently TV 4)
  • IIR (Institute for International Research)
  • POIG (Center for the Polish Economic Investments)
  • EFL (European Leasing Fund)
  • AE (Krakow Economics University, post-graduate lectures)
  • UAM (Poznan University, graduate lectures and workshops)
  • UW (Warsaw University, graduate lectures and workshops)
  • KPSW College, Bydgoszcz


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